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C-19 Positive news stories! Part 1

27 May 2020

During times of fear and uncertainty, the very best elements of human nature can prevail, as is the case in these Coronavirus-related good news stories we’ve found from around the world, demonstrating the power of displaying care and kindness to those less fortunate or able than you in a crisis:



Socially Distant Weddings

With many weddings put on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak, other ways of ensuring people can still get married have been enacted around the world.

In California, a pop-up socially distanced wedding service has been erected where only one witness is allowed. This wedding – held on May 19th – between Rodney and Monica Cosby was set up by the Orange County Clerk-Recorders in Anaheim at the Honda Centre, and was performed by a Clerk inside the pop up.



Captain Tom Moore Receives A Knighthood

Captain Tom Moore, the centenarian who went viral for his zimmer-frame aided fundraising efforts for the NHS, is to receive a knighthood.

‘I am certainly delighted and overawed by the fact this has happened to me,” he said, reported the BBC. ‘I thought this can’t be true, I’ve always said this won’t happen and it appears it actually has. I certainly never anticipated that this letter would arrive for me.’



A Couple Find Love Through Social Distancing

The BBC reported how one couple found each other from across balconies while they stayed at home during the lockdown.

If the whole balcony thing is feeling quite Romeo and Juliet to you, the whole event has actually unfurled in Verona, Italy – the city of the famous love story.

After noticing one another, they looked each other up on social media and have been messaging ever since. And, now, they can’t wait until their first real date in person.



Blue Postboxes

A number of postboxes across the UK have been painted blue as a token of thanks to NHS staff battling the Coronavirus pandemic. As well as bearing the colours of the National Health Service, the postboxes also have ‘Thank you NHS’ emblazoned on the side in white paint.

There are currently five across the UK with one erected in Cardiff, Wales (pictured), another near St Thomas hospital in London, one in Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.




Flamingos Flock To Lakes In India

With less humans out and about, animals have frequently been roaming unexpected places. In India, flamingoes have flocked in their thousands to lakes like this one in Mumbai, lighting up the lake in a shade of pink.

According to The Hindustan Timesthere are currently 25% more flamingoes in the Mumbai area than usually at this time of year.



Countries Easing Restrictions

After successful periods of social distancing measures, some countries have started easing their lockdown restrictions.

To kick off this week, New Zealand announced that there had been no more local transmissions of Covid-19, meaning some non-essential businesses, healthcare and education can resume after a month of strict lockdown. Many people are still required to stay at home. The picture above shows Kiwi pro surfing champion Ava Henderson returning to the sea.

In Spain, children have been allowed outside for walks for the first time in weeks and in China some have returned to school.



Furloughed Foodies

One thing that is uniting everybody at the moment is the respect and gratitude we all have for healthcare workers, as well as other key workers. For some, who now have more time on their hands, they have put this gratitude into practical means of repaying NHS workers.

A group of recently furloughed workers in London have set up a group called ‘furloughed foodies’. After raising £10,000 (which has now been extended to a target of £25,000), the volunteers have been cooking homemade meals for healthcare workers and have already delivered over 6000 meals to 15 hospital trusts across London. The volunteers (most of whom are not professional chefs) have now extended their scheme to deliver goods to food banks and homeless shelters.

Similar food-based initiatives have taken place elsewhere like Hospitality For Heroes from the hospitality industry, which has even attracted the donations from professional chefs like Marcus Wareing, who even donated one of his recipes.




Star-Studded Teachers

To assist parents resuming homeschooling today after an Easter holidays break, the BBC has enlisted some famous experts to deliver online courses to young people.

Starting from today BBC Bitesize will feature geography lessons (specifically on animals and oceans) from Sir David Attenborough, Professor Brian Cox will teach science and footballer Sergio Ageuro is teaching young children how to count in Spanish.




Christ The Redeemer Lights Up

After illuminating in various flags to pay tribute to those countries affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in March, the iconic Rio de Janeiro statue was illuminated in a medical uniform over the weekend. As a tribute to medical workers, the statue also had ‘thank you’ inscribed at the bottom of the illumination.




A Perfect Rainbow Appears In New York City

New York state is the worst hit area of the United States when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic, with more than 100,000 confirmed cases.

On Easter Monday, residents in the city were given something to smile about as a full rainbow appeared over the Hudson river.


The Himalayas Become Visible For First Time In Years

According to CNN, locals in the Punjab region of India have been able to see the Himalayas for the first time in decades due to reduced levels of pollution since India’s Covid-19 lockdown.

Delhi is believed to have experienced a 44% reduction in air pollution levels in the first day or so of lockdown.




Sizeable Individual Donations

Some high net-worth individuals have taken matters into their own hands by making generous donations to fight the Coronavirus outbreak.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Rihanna donated $2 million (£1.67m) to assist domestic violence victims who may face greater danger in lockdown in Los Angeles. The singer’s Clara Lionel Foundation teamed up with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to match donations to the Mayor’s Fund in the city. The singer previously donated $5 million to various organisations including WHO, Feeding America and the International Rescue Committee.

Kylie Jenner is another generous celebrity who ha donated $1 million to LA hospitals to help buy more protective masks and clothing for medical staff working there, according to the beauty mogul’s doctor who shared her thanks on Instagram.‘ You are my hero,’ Dr Aliabadi wrote. ‘This generous donation will help save many precious lives. Our world is a better place with you in it.’

Donatella Versace made a similar contribution pledging €200,000 to a Milan hospital .Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have also donated $1 million to food bank charities. In the US, NBA superstar Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha have donated $1 million to pupils in Oakland, California who rely on school meals and won’t be attending school due to their closure.




We’ll be back soon with Part 2!


Have a great second half of the week and we hope you get a chance to enjoy some of the beautiful weather,

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