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Going home for Xmas?

22 July 2019

Going home for Xmas

All packed and ready to make the trip home for the period of xmas and excess? But have you prepped in order to make the most of your time off? Here’s a few tips from us.

1 – Tidy your room, bit of an obvious one but, if you have any perishable foods in your fridge and bin, or damp clothes laying around, they can turn into pretty gnarly creatures by your return.

2 – Lock up and close windows – no one wants to return to a room either full of snow or even worse, full of nothing, as the Wet Bandits have burglarised you!

3 – Get any train tickets booked early to avoid again getting robbed, alternatively see our previous blog on split ticketing.

4 – Arrange some xmas work, dollar dollar bills y’all.

5 – do as much work before you leave, make enough time for point 6

6 – Relaaaaax – Enjoy time with the fam and make sure you eat enough to feed a small village.

7 – Be Good – Cause Santa’s watching and you don’t want to wind up on the naughty list!!