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Things to do for Students Studying in Swansea…

3 September 2020

This beautiful Welsh city has so much to do and is the perfect place for a student. Here’s why…

Swansea is so much more than a seaside city with two Universities. (Swansea University & UWTSD) Whether you’re beginning your student life here in moving into student accommodation in September 2021 or returning in the new term, we are sure you are excited to explore, especially post-lockdown! Swansea has everything you could want from a student city.

Join us as we take you around our favourite spots, and take a look at our own suggestions for top student activities in Swansea. Whether its culture, sport, food and drink or something quirky that you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

1) Swansea Castle

Good for: Getting deep into history
How could we not kick off our list with a castle?! This 13th century Welsh beauty has reigned proudly over the centre of town for the last 900 years and is still going strong. If you’re looking for something a bit different, the castle and its stories can keep you entertained for an afternoon. Read more about Swansea Castle here.

2) The Beachfront

Good for: Everything – it’s a beach!
Not every University city has its own beach, but Swansea does. Visit the Secret Beach Bar & Kitchen located on the seafront where you can enjoy delicious food with stunning views of Swansea Bay. Perfect for socialising, water sports, walking, reading or even just admiring the scenery. Swansea Bay features Wales’ tallest building, at the top of which are some pretty impressive 360 degree views. 5 miles of dunes and golden sands make it perfect for sporty types, throw in a Victorian pier and world-famous ice-cream to make Swansea bay a must-repeat visit.

3) Cinema & Co

Good for: Classic films (with pizza of course)
More of a culture and arts fan? Catch a classic film with your flatmates (or your new crush) at Cinema & Co, where the cinema ranges from arthouse, indie to Hollywood, and the ‘Co’ comes in the shape of comedy nights, art exhibitions and live music. This unique space is a nod to vintage culture, and the perfect chill out spot on the comfiest seats in Swansea (with pizza).

4) Liberty Stadium

Good for: Your weekly dose of the beautiful game
Swansea’s answer to Twickenham – big enough to fit every Swansea University student in at once. Football fans can see the regular Champions League games and rugby fans (and first timers) can see the Ospreys play to adoring fans. Check out the Liberty Stadium here.

5) Brewstone

Good for: Craft beers galore and woodfired grub

One for the foodies, this instagrammable bar and restaurant serves up an authentic wood fire centred menu and craft beers. Serving day and night, whether you’re looking for a cocktail or a pizza you’ll be satisfied here. Known for running bottomless events in the past, Brewstone really comes through with the portions. If you’re feeling slightly rough after an all-nighter, this is the Uplands joint for you.

6) The Mumbles

Good for: A refreshing outdoorsy adventure to remember

A nature reserve with a lot to offer and the cutest name in the galaxy, The Mumbles is one of Wales’ top attractions. But why stop there? This area includes Oystermouth Castle, Lovespoon Gallery (one for Valentine’s Day), Langland Bay Beach and exceptional ice cream at Verdi’s.

7) The No Sign Bar

Good for: A drink with history

Visit Britain ranked The No Sign Bar as a top destination bar in the UK – the only Welsh bar on the list. Which is interesting because despite its narrow outside appearance, there are four different bars inside this one venue, ranging from cocktails to traditional to live music! Established in 1690 and frequented by Dylan Thomas, The No Sign Bar is widely regarded as Swansea’s oldest pub. To visit is to take a trip through the history and culture of Swansea.

8) Swansea Market

Good for: Bargain deals on a student budget

Banish any thoughts of that lacklustre market of your childhood with the 20p cds and giant lace knickers – the award-winning Swansea market is the largest market of its kind in Wales. Fresh food groceries sit alongside endless other market stalls selling everything from unique jewellery to local delicacies – cockles and Welsh cakes. Very deserving of a visit, the market is a student hit.

9) Wind Street

Good for: A classic student night out

Also known locally as ‘Wine’ Street, socialising in the bars on Wind Street is a Swansea student’s rite of passage. If big nights out aren’t your scene, it’s still great to let your hair down after a long day and bond with your course mates or flatmates over a drink.

10) The Mega Beast @ Uplands Diner

Good for: A breakfast unlike anything you’ve seen before

Ok, the final spot on our list is technically a meal, but hear us out. Uplands Diner is a firm favourite for hungover students & has been for years. They offer a behemoth breakfast consists of ten pieces of bacon, five eggs, eight sausages, chips, two hash browns, bubble and squeak, mushroom , tomatoes, beans, two pieces of black pudding, four pieces of toast, 4 slices of bread and butter, four pieces of fried bread and a small burger. Not to be consumed regularly, but something to tell the grandchildren about!