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Starting the New Semester

22 July 2019

The GlC Guide to starting the new semester


Have your space clean

A quick tidy and clean of your room will make sure you know where everything you need is and means you have the space to work. It’s something you can quickly do in an hour but will help you when you come to work on seminars or coursework.


Get Organised

Whether you make a list or just know what you need to get done, make sure you’re ready to start again! Being organised before the start of the semester will make sure you’re in the right mind set to get going again and stop you being hassled because you’ve forgotten to do your food shop or get a new notepad for lecture notes. Keep reading for some things you might have forgotten to put on your list…


Make sure you know your timetable

You don’t want to be waking up midday on Monday to realise you’ve already missed your first two lectures of the semester. Work out when your lectures and seminars fit in across the week and print out or write out a copy, put it on your wall and then you’ll have no excuse.


Check blackboard for any documents to download pre-lecture

Arriving prepared will prevent you from stressing when your lecturer is referring to that article or PowerPoint that you’ve forgotten to download. Get everything downloaded or printed and you’re ready to go.


Got all your textbooks?

Expensive but essential. Check blackboard or email your lecturer for any reading materials you need for the semester. To save money ask around to see if anybody you know is selling the book you need, check the library to see if you can borrow the book or look on websites to see if there are any being sold second-hand. These are some good websites to look at:



Make sure you’re stocked up

Do your food shop and check you’ve got all the stationary you need before the start of the semester to make sure you don’t have to run around completing tasks that could have easily been done the day before. Once you’ve done your food shop, try making some big batches of food to save some time and ensure you have something nutritious ready to reheat.

Set your alarms

Might seem a simple one but just in case you try to squeeze out one last night of Refreshers on Wind Street, you’ll want to make sure you’re up in time the next day. Try getting yourself into a better routine in the few days before lectures start again to make it easier for you to get up in the morning.