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Student Saving Tips – Food Hacks

22 July 2019

Student Saving Tips – Food Hacks


If you aren’t spending your money on wind street, it’s likely you’re searching the supermarket shelves for a cheap deal. Here are some foodie tips to help you save a bit without having to live off beans on toast.


Bulk cooking

Cooking up a big batch of food in one go will save you money and time – buying larger packs of food (especially meat) is much cheaper in the long run. Whipping up a batch of bolognase or curry that can be eaten across a couple of days will not only save you from having to cook every night, but will also save your cash.


Use your Tupperware! Whether you’re storing batches of food, left over bits and bobs or using them to stop your food going off, using Tupperware will help your food last that little bit longer. If you’re really organised you can even use them to take meals to campus, saving you the cost of buying lunch…


Eat less meat

Meat will take up a large amount of your food shop budget. Going meat free for a meal or two a week is an easy way to save some money. You can try the GLC four bean chilli or simply swap out the meat for some veg, its also a bit good for the environment.


Frozen food

Buying a pack of frozen veg or meat is cheaper than fresh and lasts longer, it’s easy to throw in a meal and just as healthy. Alternatively, if you realise you aren’t going to use up your food you can cut it up and chuck it in the freezer – particularly useful with any leftover meat.


Food shopping

Supermarkets discount food that will soon go off at the end of each day. Going to the shops at around 7pm means you can usually find some discounted meat, veg or bread – sometimes up to 80% off. If the food will soon go off it can be put in the freezer, then simply defrost it before cooking you next meal.


Where are you shopping?

Aldi and Lidl are renowned for being cheaper than the normal supermarket such as Tesco or Sainsbury’s. It’s worth having a look to see if you can find your weekly shop at a cheaper price.


Own label not branded

A lot of own label food contains the same ingredients and tastes the same as branded foods. Sure, some of the brands look nice but to save some cash swapping to an own brand pasta sauce, biscuits or bag of crisps that will taste the same can save you a bit of cash.


Taste card

A taste card gives you huge discounts at thousands of restaurants around the UK. With 2 for 1 mains and up to 50% off thousands of places you’re sure to find a nice meal out without emptying your bank. Student discount websites such as UniDays also offer discounts at many chain restaurants.

Points cards

Make full use of the loyalty cards at different supermarkets – using a Tesco clubcard or Sainsbury’s nectar card when you shop enables you to accumulate points and use them to save on food shops, with extra discounts being sent to you via post each month. Also, don’t forget that the co-op accepts NUS extra cards to give you 10% off your shop.


While it would be nice to sip on some Ciroc vodka or Tanqueray gin before you head off for your night out, it’s unfortunately not very realistic. Own brand spirits are usually the way forward, or shop around for multi-buy discounts and savings.