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18 October 2019

When you’re a busy student (or professional for that matter) it can be a great time saving and overall enhancing habit to listen to podcasts in your spare time – whether you’re cruising on the bus to Swansea University or talking the stroll up that hill to UWTSD, it might be a good idea to enhance your knowledge and awareness with one of these Podcasts! Using this time to broaden your knowledge and understanding rather than doing it at points when you could be studying will help free up more time for other important things (whether that’s student night our getting your head into the books) and help get into the habit of organising your time as a student more effectively. 

So, as tempting as that next episode of Serial may be, you might be better off optimising your listening habits for work rather than for play. Here are a few podcasts for fuelling your personal development:



For the entrepreneurial

Into business, money and innovation? Look no further. Stanford Innovation Lab’s podcast seeks to cultivate the entrepreneurial and pioneering qualities in its listeners.

Says the site: “We invite you to use eCorner’s videos, podcasts and articles to guide and support you, whether you are learning or teaching about entrepreneurship and innovation topics for the first time, looking for guidance in that next phase of your business, trying to drive change to solve a global challenge, or just trying to be a more entrepreneurial leader or employee where you are today.”


For Global Events

For something more global, the BBC runs a good podcast covering world events. And if you like your dose of news utterly up to date, NPR publishes a five-minute round-up every hour on the hour, 24 hours a day. Now that’s commitment.


For the scientist

StarTalk is probably the most popular science podcast around at the moment, and with good reason. Finding the balance between science, comedy and pop culture, it covers cutting edge breakthroughs as well as ‘pop’ subjects like extra-terrestrial life and the environment. Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is hugely entertaining presenter, too.

Prefer British humour? The Naked Scientists hail from Cambridge and are happy to sate your technological appetite.


For the mathematician

Got numbers coming out of your ears? Send some back in with Relatively Prime. The podcast has been funded twice through Kickstarter and explores history, applications and the people that make modern mathematics tick.

The iTunes blurb? “Featuring everyone from a Fields Medalist to an indie rocker and covering topics from the shape of things to an AI checkers player, Relatively Prime has a mathematical story for anyone and everyone.”


For the psychologist

Whether it’s human behaviour or the structure of the brain that gets you excited, All In The Mind has it all. Subjects range from the psychology of money to the structure of the corpus callosum. I don’t know what that means either – but if you listen to this podcast, you could find out!


For the marketeer

If you want to get into digital marketing – or any kind of marketing really – then the Social Triggers podcast is a must. Covering everything from viral content to consumer behaviour to “wallet closing words”, it’s full of essential information on how to maximise your chances in this competitive industry.


For the Uni Challenge wannabe

General knowledge can seem like ginger hair; you either got it or you don’t. But strong random fact recall is something that can be learned. To be precise, you can learn it from the Good Job, Brain series of podcasts.

Part news, part quiz show, the programme combines pub trivia, portmanteaus and animal facts to create an eclectic, slightly nutty experience. The website also boasts a handy mnemonics section, helping you memorise everything from the Greco-Roman pantheon to the Teletubbies. Because Tinky Winky could come in useful any time.


For the anthropologist

Love myths? Love world cultures? Feel you could learn more about the narratives our forebears created out of the world around us? That’s handy, because the Myths and Legends podcast can teach you all about it. Listen to this great little programme and you’ll know every folkloric narrative from Gilgamesh to Grimm. Tell me more!




We’ll be back later with more material, including podcasts more suited to relaxing and taking your mind off that busy schedule of learning!

Have a great weekend whatever you do,

The GLC Team




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