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Surviving ‘Blue Monday’!

20 January 2020

Happy New Year to you all! Even if you’re feeling like that excitement of the festive period and the time to celebrate a the new year has passed, and you are in fact really feeling today what is dubbed as ‘the most depressing day of the year’, there are plenty of ways to get passed that feeling and power on into the new decade with gusto!

Yes the January blues come around like clockwork every year and we wish we could re-do the whole Christmas period, and we know it’s tough having to go back to a ‘normal’ life, after spending all our time in pyjamas, eating everything in sight and just generally being carefree with the ones we love. We feel it too! But there are ways to get over this so here’s some top tips on surviving Blue Monday!




There really is nothing quite like an upbeat track to set off your day on the right foot. The healing power of music, it really is a thing! Stick on your favourite song and belt or dance it out! It’s sure to put you in a good mood, and if the mood drops, get those headphones in! Make a playlist of songs that make you happy, or just songs you love and you’re good to go!



Get Moving!

Get those workouts in! I think we can vouch for the majority when we say we feel a bit like potatoes at this time of year. Throughout December we’ve indulged, but we’ve also enjoyed ourselves, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Many will have done the age old January cliché of signing up to the gym, but if the gym isn’t your thing, don’t fret, just get doing any kind of movement you love and get outside! If you have pets; or even if you don’t, go for long walks; fresh air is a great antidote to all the food and drink consumption and general slobbing out throughout December! It’ll do wonders for not only your physical health, but your mental health too, as you’ll be filled with all the positive endorphins, which will help you overcome any feelings of stress and ‘meh’ feeling of the month! The hardest part is getting started, but once you do, you’ll feel so good afterwards!




Get organised! (and write lists)

First things first, January is the perfect time of year to get focused and organised. It always seems the longest and dullest month in the calendar, and the year ahead can feel so daunting, but see it as a fresh start and chance to make plans and essentially get your life together! Face your goals head on, make lists of the things you want to achieve for the year ahead, of places you want to visit, and get those niggly little jobs out of the way – you know the ones, like organising your space, or ticking off those work deadlines!

Set the tone for the rest of the year with positive lists, and give yourself things to reach for, things to get you out of bed in a morning, and things to motivate yourself! Writing and working from lists can help clear your head and make you feel better about the once daunting tasks, making them even more manageable than before. You may even realise you don’t actually have half as much to achieve as you first thought, and it’ll help you feel positive, organised going forward, and on track for the next few months.



Plan! Plan! Plan!

Although planning something big may not be achievable for everyone right now, don’t put plans off! Plan a holiday, or time with friends and family! It doesn’t Have to be something totally outrageous, even just a simple day out somewhere, or a trip to the cinema. Whatever it may be, get something planned and locked down to look forward to! Something real to work towards that may actually give you a reason to get what you need to get done, done! Makes plans throughout the year so you have plenty to look forward to. It’s always nice to add something into the diary!




Find a new hobby

If you’re missing the fun of Christmas or are just wanting to mix things up a bit; is there something you’ve wanted to try for a while but have always put it off? Well, now’s the time to sign up to those salsa lessons, or apply for those painting classes! Whatever it may be, ask around or even indulge in a little internet search to find the hobby for you! Who knows you may make new friends whilst learning a new skill, it’s a winner all round!





Last but not least… Get Social!

No, we don’t mean opening up Instagram and scrolling! Get out there and be social, with actual real life humans! There’s more to life than days spent scrolling on social media! Get out of the house and spend time with friends and family! We know everyone is skint and doing dry January, but even if it’s just popping round to your parents house for a quick brew and a biscuit! Get out of the house and see someone! Talk about your problems if you wish, talk about anything, just talk and be sociable. Chances are everyone’s in the same boat at this time of year!



They’re just a few of our tips for surviving the “most depressing day of the year!” Remember we’re all a bit gutted the festive season is over, so you’re certainly not alone if you’re feeling a bit blue! Don’t let Blue Monday get you down… It’s all a bunch of nonsense anyway! You’ve got this!










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