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Top Tips for Exam Success!

12 March 2020

Whether you’re studying Science at Swansea University or Art at UWTSD it’s that time for many students: the dreaded exam period. Luckily at GLC we’ve got you covered with top tips for exam success! Here we go:


Study Daily and Consistently



Seems obvious right? But without serious intention this can easily slip from the grasp of the student! Write a timetable of your studying for the week and resolve to stick to it – studies prove that people are more likely to achieve goals that are written down. Even if some sessions are just half an hour it’s surprising how quickly they can add up!


Get quality Sleep


Again seemingly obvious but this can become difficult if you leave your studying last minute! Again timetable your sleep and stick to the plan to get that very important rest. If you’re the kind of person that needs 8 hours and sleep most soundly between 10pm and 6am get yourself to bed early and don’t sleep in and waste time – put your alarm on the other side of the room to make you get up! If on the other hand you only need 6 hours and sleep best from 2am to 8am then indeed do that but be habitual about it to make the most of your time.


Eat The Right Breakfast Exam Day



Your brain needs energy but also certain macro and micro nutrients to function optimally – make it a good size, have nutritious ingredients and make sure there’s a good amount of healthy fat in there as fats take longest to breakdown and will keep you going that bit longer – healthy fat options include yoghurt, avocado and nuts and seeds.


Eat Mints and Dark Chocolate!


More food related advice! Dark chocolate is nutritious but also reduces stress – get some in leading up to the exam and on the day! Mint is know to have focus inducing qualities as well so get some in your breakfast or get a few packs of mints.



Stay positive and believe in yourself


Not only has having a positive attitude been proven to make the brain function better, but truly believing in yourself helps to get over the fear of failure that is often the biggest cause of procrastination! Remember that as long as your organised and put that bit of time in every day you’ll be fine – what more could you do? Knowing your giving it your nest shot makes all the difference.



Study with a partner


We all know that working on something with a someone else helps to keep us on point and motivated.. most of the time! As someone once said, ‘there’s nothing better than a shot of affection and a shot of competition to help you ace the exam!’



Get some free time


We’ve all heard the saying ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, and how true it is! Inspiration, focus and motivation in general will be severely hampered if you take no time to yourself, especially if you’re not able to because you left you’re studying to last minute! Just make sure you don’t get carried away..



Ask for help!


Never be afraid to ask for help! Whether that’s in terms of your studies specifically, generally being organised or even in regards to personal matters that may be getting you down – you need to be free as you can of your worries to hone that exam focus! And of course we here at GLC are always here to help with whatever we can – make sure you ask!




Have a great week out there, we’ll be back next week!